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Pseudopanax arboreus

It is fast-growing and often found in regenerating forest. Its leaves consist of five to seven leaflets, arranged like fingers around a central stalk. The leaflets are toothed and leathery. In winter five-finger produces clusters of purple-black berries that are known to be relished by birds.  In mid-winter to early-spring produces small, white flowers flushed with red-pink, adding a touch of delicate beauty to the garden.  This versatile plant is very hardy and can be pruned to any size, making it an excellent choice for smaller gardens.  The plant is not self-fertile.







Plant Type


Full Sixe H x W

6m x 3m

Soil Type

Dry and free draining
Sandy/light soil
Loamy/medium soil
Clay/heavy soil


Full sun
Partial shade
Moderate frost
Moderate wind


Provide shade/shelter
Slope stabilisation
Riparian management


Attracts bees
Attracts birds
Attracts insects

Diverse Plant Range

Important for plant health and
a balanced life to the land

Reared from Seed

Plants will grow and establish faster, stronger and look fantastic quicker

Purposeful Planting

Usefull for shelter, water retention and wildlife benefits

Our passion lies in demonstrating the sustainability of planting in a method that has zero negative impact on land and resources but rather leave them in a better state.