Our Plants

Grown locally, seed sourced native species that are strong and thrive into the future.

Millpark compost mulch

Premium $150 (incl GST) per cubic metre

Standard $100 (incl GST) per cubic metre

Made from material that has been thoroughly composted to revitalise soil and enhance the growth and health of plants. Building healthy soil  ensures steady, but strong, plant growth. Incorporate Millpark Compost along with the soil to improve soil structure for better drainage, as well as improving plants root development, whilst providing essential plant nutrients. Can be used throughout your entire garden, making it a great addition when planting trees, hedging, shrubs, or a veggie garden.


Diverse Plant Range

Important for plant health and
a balanced life to the land

Reared from Seed

Plants will grow and establish faster, stronger and look fantastic quicker

Purposeful Planting

Usefull for shelter, water retention and wildlife benefits

Our passion lies in demonstrating the sustainability of planting in a method that has zero negative impact on land and resources but rather leave them in a better state.