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Grown locally, seed sourced native species that are strong and thrive into the future.

Cordyline australis

A distinctive New Zealand tree that grows all over the country, but prefers wet, open areas like swamps. Palm-like tree with an erect trunk branching into tufts of tough long narrow pointed leaves and with bushy sprays of small white sweetly-scented flowers and bluish-white berries that birds love to eat.  The bark is thick and tough like cork, and a huge fleshy taproot anchors the tree firmly into the ground. Attractive en-masse, in mixed plantings or as a specimen. 





Plant Type


Full Size H x W

10m x 2m

Soil Type

Dry free draining
Wet heavy poor draining


Full sun and full shade
Frost hardy
Exposed sites
Salt winds
Extended dry conditions


Provide shade/shelter
Erosion control
Filters fun off
Riparian management


Attracts birds
Attracts bees

Diverse Plant Range

Important for plant health and
a balanced life to the land

Reared from Seed

Plants will grow and establish faster, stronger and look fantastic quicker

Purposeful Planting

Usefull for shelter, water retention and wildlife benefits

Our passion lies in demonstrating the sustainability of planting in a method that has zero negative impact on land and resources but rather leave them in a better state.