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Grown locally, seed sourced native species that are strong and thrive into the future.

Carex dipsacea

A great NZ native perennial grass that forms a densely tufted clump of upright foliage that has a pleasant light green and brown colouring.  Like many grasses, this is best seen when mass planted or in large landscaping projects. The flowering stems are shorter than the leaves. It grows best in a damp to moist soil and needs adequate summer moisture. A hardy choice that is tolerant of both wind and frost. Plant in full sun to part shade.





Plant Type


Full Size H x W

1m x 1m

Soil Type

Dry free draining
Wet heavy poor draining


Full sun
Partial shade
Salt winds
Frost hardy


Erosion control
Riparian management

Diverse Plant Range

Important for plant health and
a balanced life to the land

Reared from Seed

Plants will grow and establish faster, stronger and look fantastic quicker

Purposeful Planting

Usefull for shelter, water retention and wildlife benefits

Our passion lies in demonstrating the sustainability of planting in a method that has zero negative impact on land and resources but rather leave them in a better state.